1New Baby Lindsey Kits
on Pre-sale NOW!!!
She is a limited edition of
350 WORLD WIDE !!!
Sculpted by Hanni Posch
Prototype kits are on their way to the aritsts.
Baby Lindsey is a beautiful baby girl made from a lovely soft light pink flesh colored vinyl that is very easy to root and paint. She is a 18  inch kit and
comes with a Numbered
Certificate of Authenticity
We offer exclusive vinyl doll kits created from original sculpts by innovative artists. The kits are Limited Editions. Each is numbered, and the first 25 kits sold are either artist signed or come with an artist signed COA.
At OOAK REBORN BABY, we believe we have the most outstanding  doll sculpting artists from around the world.
To provide our Customers High Quality, Numbered, Limited Edition reborning kits  of 350 or less produced at the best price possible.

We bring sculpting artists and reborn artists together. Providing the sculpting artist an opportunity to have their work produced, and the reborn artist a fresh, new, product to reborn.

Some of the artists are well known, while others are newly discovered talented sculptors.


Send Us Your Photos
If you are an artist considering becoming an OOAK REBORN BABY sculptor,  or know of an artist who may be interested, please contact us Also visit the sculpting contest page for more info.
For The Reborner
Doll kits will be in Numbered & Limited Editions, thus helping to create a more unique product. Check back often as new artists are continually signing up and releasing new products. Be sure to join our Mailing List to receive the latest details.
Ooak Reborn Baby Doll Sellers!
1) Jamie Hollister at Reborn Dolls creates one of a kind dolls.

2) Quality Vinyl Ooak dolls by Kinderland Dolls

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, please share them with us! Got an idea and want to share? Do you know of a great undiscovered artist? Feel free to drop us a line!
We would like to invite all OOAK baby sculptors to participate in the

Grand Prize Winner receives:
– $300.00 Cash
– Their sculpt produced into 350 limited edition
True2Life © Silicon-Vinyl doll kits
– Plus 30 free doll kits to sell on your website
– An artist showcase page on OOAKREBORNBABY.COM

This contest is for EVERYONE! Whether you’ve been sculpting for several years or just beginning, a well-known sculptor or still establishing yourself, YOU are welcome to participate in this contest.

Due to the overwhelming success and response from our previous sculpting contests, we are excited to offer this opportunity to aspiring sculptors once again. You may view our previous sculpting contest winners “Max” and “Katelyn” and ‘Chloe’ on the vinyl kits page at WWW.OOAKREBORNBABY.COM sculpted by the talented artists: Gerda Van Keulen, Lorna Ours, and Glo Towle.

        All submissions must be between 18 to 28 inches. Newborn-to-Toddler.
All submissions must be an original sculpt ( no mold ever used) Any sculpts caught using molds will be immediately disqualified.
Must include:
– Head
– 3/4 to full length Arms and Legs·
Sculptors are able to submit up to 4 different Heads per set of Limbs.
·NO submissions with paint or hair will be accepted.
All entries must be baked and sanded to qualify.
The top 3 sculpts will be chosen by a Internet poll to choose the top 5.
Then a panel of 5 judges will decide the winner.
Everyone is given a fair chance and there is only one vote per person.
Deadline for submissions is Midnight July 7, 2010

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: info@OOAKRebornBaby.com

with any other company’s unless otherwise stated in the contract that it is allowed

Rules & Guidelines
We are looking for a random sculpt of your choice boy, girl or unisex eyes open or closed. There are a few rules such as you must have both the head and limbs (at least 3/4 limb scale) to make a 18-28 in. baby. The sculpt must be original and the winner will be required to sign a waver stating so. An example of what a completed sculpt should look like is shown on the left.
Each contestant may enter up to 4 head sculpts per set of limbs.
Entries must be received through e-mail only.The sculpt must not be painted and no hair lines drawn. The medium used should be super sculpey , resin , cernit, prosculpt,modeline or something similar and must be baked & sanded prior to submission.
Top 3 contestants will receive a free doll kit of their choice from our instock kits
.The Grandprize winner will be chosen out of the top three sculpts (from the Internet poll) then by a panel of 5 judges.
PLEASE NOTE: The original sculpt becomes property of OOAKRebornBaby and will not be returned. You do have an opportunity to buy back the sculpt from us by exchanging the cash received for the sculpt. The sculpt will more than likely have black marks, gouges and possible broken parts this is due to the mold making process and cannot be avoided. By entering into the contest you are allowing OOAKReborn Baby to use all of the images for display on our website and for any promotional reasons. Your name  / nursery name will be kept hidden until after the top 5 are chosen.  Then your name will be displayed. Also note that the sculpt may take up to 6 months to be produced into vinyl so be prepared for a 2011 release date.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
All entrants will be included in a drawing for a FREE doll kit .
*Winners will be determined by an Internet poll
One vote per computer. Once the top 5 sculpts are chosen a panel of 5 judges will pick the winning sculpt.
The Fourth competition announced (March  9th. 2010) and with substantial contestant winnings and acknowledgements! Entries now accepted beginning Tuesday March 9th through June 15th, 2010 and announced on our website accordingly.
Deadline for Submissions is Midnight on June 15th, 2010.
Two photos of each doll sculpt one of the head close up and one of the side view as well as all limbs and close ups of each side of hands and feet images  must be 300 dpi jpeg ( a clear high resolution photo ) and no larger than 4 x 6 inch size. Please email photos to: Click Here !!!
Please be sure to include the name of each sculpt, and all of your contact information (Your Name ,t Nursery Name, phone number or email address to contact you , Also include Sculpt Contest in the subject line. Thank you We look forward to hearing from you.
By entering you agree to all rules and regulations provided above.
*Photographs will become property of OOAK REBORN BABY and permission is granted to post on the website and in any advertisements.