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African American Reborn Dolls

African American Ooak Dolls

We as reborn doll collectors love diversifying our dolls. One of a kind reborn babies that are either african or bi-racial in appearance. Many people collect multiple dolls and how boring is it to have every doll look the exact same? Ooak reborns have been becoming more numerous especially in the last several years. While reborn collectors are getting more and more dolls (and starting at a younger age) you will definitely want to add an african american doll to your collection.

African American Ooak Dolls Features

Just like when it comes to actual people – african american ooak dolls have similar features to African Americans! The hair is totally done different than other nationality of dolls and it is usually much thicker and curlier (this is not always the case.) Facial features are often done differently as well. When looking at arms and legs – the most common material used is vinyl. Like stated before these are most certainly not cookie cutter dolls – these are one of a kind!

Beautiful Black Reborn Baby Dolls Gallery Video

Bellow is an excellent video showcasing several african american ooak dolls. Do you have an ooak reborn doll of your own? Share it in the comments below!